About HARD Learning

This web site named after Humanitarian Aid, Recovery and Development (HARD) learning is knowledge sharing  platform for all the Aid and development workers over the world. Articles related to different aspects of relief works, early recovery, recovery, rehabilitation and development from all who are working in these aspects can send their articles for publication in this web site. We learn from each other and be better aid and development workers every day. We are more interested to welcome articles from works related to Fragile and in-conflict and post conflict countries from various field workers working in International Organisations, UN organisation, NGOs and Not for profit organisations.

About the Editor-in-Chief

Chidambaram CT is an Aid and development worker with more than 20 years of experience in humanitarian aid and development sector. A double post graduate from Tamil Nadu India has worked in Indonesia, Tibet (China), Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Has solid field experience to share and appreciate the work of others. Expert in livelihoods, youth development, women development, he started his career as agricultural extension worker.  Over the years he has gained field-honed experience in Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Protection and education.